The Journal of Environmental Management Arizona is Now an ONLINE Publication!


Welcome to the new online format of the Journal of Environmental Management Arizona!

Please take a few moments to explore the navigation menu and follow some of the page links. You may notice that most or all of the features of the print Journal are still available to you online, with the addition of new features and tools. For example, the Journal is working to provide current job postings -- previously, with the time lag of a print Journal, this was not very feasible. Also, notice that each "columnist" and the various archives have searchable tables. This will allow you to easily locate and view current, and past, articles of interest. New articles, columns, calendar items, and other items of interest will be added weekly, or more often as needed.

Columns, including "Sustainability and Sustainable Development" by Nicholas R. Hild, PhD.; "It's All About Chemistry" by Larry Olson, PhD.; and "Regulatory Developments: Legal News You Can Use" by Mike Ford, Attorney; and our various Guest Columnists, can be found by following the navigation links to each columnist's Search page. There, select the column from a searchable table, and click on its title to open. You may realize that there are many excellent and useful past columns that have been contributed by our columnists over many years. I expect, over time, to have all past columns added to these tables, so that readers can easily search for and find columns based on title, publish date, or key words. A similar search feature will be used for past Journal articles.

Rather than describing all the remaining features here, please take a few minutes to look around and see them for yourself.

Keep in mind that a website will appear differently depending on what browser you are using, which version, and if you are viewing with a desktop, a tablet, or a cell phone. If you have any difficulties with viewing or using features, please send me an email and let me know. Also, if you would like to contribute an article, discuss advertising, or have a job posting, or have suggestions, please let me know.

Thank you!

Jim Thrush
Editor & Publisher
Journal of Environmental Management Arizona

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