An Invitation to Arizona EH&S Organizations

The Journal of Environmental Management Arizona invites EH&S related organizations and associations to participate with monthly article contributions in the Journal's "Association Pages". Your organization must meet certain requirements, subject to change and subject to the approval of the Editor and Publisher. If you are a non-political organization working to help advance Arizona's environment and safety, your organization is likely to meet our requirements.

Benefits of Participation

As a contributor to the Journal's "Association Pages", your organization gains high visibility within Arizona's environmental management community. Keep in touch monthly with your own organization's members who read the Journal, but also reach environmental and safety professionals outside of your own organization. This state-wide exposure helps your organization gain recognition, potentially attract new members, and helps  you increase attendance at your meetings and events.

Basic Rules

If your organization is approved as an "Association Pages" contributor, some of the expectations include:

1. Articles submitted must meet the Journal's guidelines regarding length, content, suitability.

2. Content must be "news" about current, recent, or future events or activities, or other items of current interest. It should not be 'reference' material about your organization (readers can visit your website for that information).

3. Content should fit the focus of the Journal of Environmental Management Arizona, that is, "Practical and Current Information for Environmental, Health and Safety Professionals".

4. Frequency -- updates and new articles should be submitted bi-monthly at a minimum, but monthly updates are encouraged.


If you need more information or if your organization would like to participate, contact the Editor at




September 2018 Vol 16 No. 9