About Contributing to the Journal of Environmental Management Arizona

The Journal of Environmental Management Arizona welcomes submissions of articles and photographs. If you have a topic for an article you would like to contribute, please call (480-422-4430 x42) or email the Editor at jimthrush@cox.net. The Submissions Guide below is offered to help you in planning and writing an article. We recommend that writers submit an abstract for review of the topic and applicability to the Journal prior to undertaking writing the article.

1. How do I submit an article or photograph for publication in the Journal?

The Journal welcomes articles and photograph submissions. Please contact us before submitting an article. The Writer's Guidelines (below) are suggestions that may help.


2. What are the submission guidelines?

Writer's Guidelines Procedures:

1. Prior to writing an article, please contact the Editor with your story idea.

2. We reserve the right to edit for grammar, brevity, clarity and tone. Authors will be consulted if substantial edits are required.

3. Reference sources should accompany your article, where appropriate, even if not included within the story. While this is not a peer-reviewed magazine, articles may be reviewed by others in the specific field of expertise, and the reviewer will need the references.

4. Photographs are encouraged and may accompany an article. Please contact the editor before going to extensive lengths in obtaining photographs. The Journal may prefer sending our own photographer to your site. Photographs should help illustrate the article, or address a current topic, or show an environmentally related process or equipment that addresses an environmental issue, or in some way provide insight or interest in an environmental subject. The photograph should be clear, focused, and submitted in a high resolution jpg or tif format. Always take photos using the highest resolution option. Do not use any compression options. Pixels should be approximately 2 or more meg for a small photo, 15 or more meg for a full-page photo.

5. Payment: The Journal does not make payment for articles published.

6. Author information: Please include job title, professional credentials (e.g., PhD., PE), mailing address, phone number, fax number and e-mail address. A one or two sentence description of the author is also usually placed at the end of each article.

7. Format: Microsoft Word documents are acceptable. Contact us first if you want to use another format.

8. Layout - the Journal will typeset your article and determine columns and layout. It is helpful if you suggest titles and subtitles, but the Journal reserves the right to edit titles (authors will be advised of such changes prior to publication).

9. Copyright: Authors retain copyright to their materials. The Journal, however, reserves the right to re-publish articles in future issues, as reprints, or for other purposes.

Writing the Article:

1. Keep in mind the Journal reader -- environmental, health, and safety professionals at Arizona facilities that handle or store hazardous wastes or and/or hazardous materials, the industries and service businesses that support these facilities, and consultants and environmental regulators.

2. Remember the Journal goal: to provide current, practical information to environmental, health and safety professionals in Arizona. Does your article tell the reader how to actually do something? Current: this doesn't mean the topic must be new, but it must have current interest to those working in the environmental field. Practical: Does it provide information needed by the reader? Does it give examples of how others have solved a problem? Does it alert the reader to potential problems and how to avoid them?

3. Length should be appropriate to the topic. Full page column: 400 to 500 words Feature article: 800 to 1500 words Short article: 100 to 300 words News Briefs: As needed, up to 125 words

4. Writing Style: Articles must be clear, readable, and written in magazine style and tone. Do not assume readers are experts in the field of your article.

5. Topics: Review past issues to see the type and variety of article topics the Journal publishes, however, any appropriate topic will be considered.


3. Show me an example of the style of writing you are looking for?

Please refer to past issues of the Journal (these can be found in the archives on the "Home" page.)


4. Does the Journal pay for articles or trade advertising space for articles?

The Journal does not offer payment for contributed articles. However, as a platform for exchange of ideas and information, there are many benefits to article authors. The Journal presents a unique opportunity within Arizona's environmental community for authors to share their technical works with a wide audience of environmental professionals. There are many benefits from this exchange of information, including increased professional recognition for the authors who have produced valuable technical works, and an opportunity for feed-back and comments on new ideas, products, and processes. For environmental consultants, service companies, and sellers of environmental products and related equipment, and others, the publication of technical articles can provide an opportunity to become known to potential customers throughout Arizona as an expert in their field.

5. I would like to write a column or edit a department of the Journal. What do I do?

Please email the Editor, Jim Thrush, at jimthrush@cox.net. We welcome contributions from all sources, throughout Arizona! Or, if you are outside of Arizona, we will consider your article if relevant to our readers.



September 2018 Vol 16 No. 9