Sustainability and Sustainable Development

Nicholas R. Hild, PhD.

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CODE Vol/Iss Title Key Words
9894 1607 July 2018 More on Water: CWA Point Source Redefined Water, Point Source, Marten Law, Meline MacCurdy
9895 1607 May 2018 EHS Information You Should Know About - 3-Part Discussion of Arizona's Leading Current Water Issues Wastewater, Potable, Drinking, Farming, Groundwater
9896 1601 Nov 2017 Global Pollution-Caused Mortality Global, Mortality, Pollution


1503 J/J 2017 The Journal of Environmental Management Arizona Moves Online Journal of Environmental Management Arizona, Online
9898 1502 A/M 2017 Green Fees: The Nation's Infrastructure Infrastructure, Rebuild, President
9899 1501 F/M 2017 Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Plan Infrastructure, Trillion, Base Realignment and Closure Act, President
9900 1406 D/J 2016/17 Oreo Cookies and Infrastructure Sustainability Infrastructure, WPA
9901 1405 O/N 2016 Measuring Progress in Environmental Sustainability, Part II of II Measuring Progress, Nitzberg,
9902 1404 A/S 2016 Measuring Progress in Environmental Sustainability, Part I of II Definition, Courses, Employment
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