About Posting a Job Opportunity

The Journal of Environmental Management Arizona welcomes submissions of employment postings. There is no fee for posting a posting in the Journal's JOBS listing. However, the posting must be for an Environmental, Health and or Safety related position in Arizona, and must meet all Journal posting requirements. Acceptance of a posting is upon the approval of the Editor.


How do I submit a Job Opportunity posting for publication in the Journal?

The Journal currently can take postings only through email submission.

Include the following information about the position:

1. Job Title

2. Job Description

3. Location

4. Name of Hiring Organization

5. Name of Contact Person

6. Preferred contact instructions for the applicant (email, phone, web application, other.)

7. Website, if applicable.

8. Job closing date (required).

9. If you have a posting document (PDF) you may submit that also. However, we may or may not use the PDF, depending on space, suitability, and other factors.

10. Links to your company employment page are also welcome, but the submission must also include the information above.

Send your posting information to the Journal Editor at: jimthrush@cox.net

All postings will have a 'removal' date, which can be no longer than 30 days. That is the date the Journal will remove the posting from our listing. If your closing date extends beyond the removal date, you can re-submit your posting if the job is still open after 30 days.


Note: The Journal reserves the right to decline submissions not deemed relevant to our readership, or for any other reason, including listing space availability.


Thank you for using the Journal of Environmental Management Arizona JOBS Postings! 



September 2018 Vol 16 No. 9